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It’s hard to endure the pain and distress of work-related injuries or illnesses, but workers’ compensation helps by preventing financial hardship. If you can’t work and are eligible for workers’ comp, visit board-certified neurologist Jontel Pierce, MD, of Mind Neurology Clinic. At offices in Katy and Sugar Land, Texas, Dr. Pierce and her colleagues offer expert treatment and support for patients making workers’ comp claims. Find out how they can help you by calling Mind Neurology Clinic today or booking a consultation online.

Workers Comp Q & A

What is workers’ comp?

Workers’ comp (compensation) is insurance against injury at work or becoming sick because of your job. The program provides medical care and an income to support you while you can’t work.

Workers’ comp funds come from the employers — employees don’t have to contribute anything. Employers pay into the state’s workers’ compensation board, which manages claims and payments. The organization also mediates any disagreement between the insurance provider, employer, and/or worker.

You receive your workers’ compensation once your employer and their insurance provider agree your injury or illness is work-related. If there’s a dispute, a workers’ comp law judge will decide.

Who can claim workers’ comp?

Everyone whose employer pays into the workers’ comp fund can make a claim if they suffer an injury or illness because of their work. The only exceptions are if you sustained the injury after drinking alcohol or taking drugs, or deliberately intended to harm yourself or others.

The workers’ comp program doesn’t concern itself with who’s responsible for your illness or injury, and payments don’t reflect any allocation of blame. If you believe you have a strong case for a personal injury claim against your employer, you should consult a legal firm specializing in employment law.

As soon as you suffer an injury or fall ill, you must tell your employer and fill in any paperwork your company uses, such as accident report forms.

What role do health care providers play in a workers’ comp claim?

After reporting what’s happened to you and receiving any emergency medical care you need, you should visit a health care professional authorized by the Texas Department of Insurance (TDI) Division of Workers’ Compensation (DWC).

Mind Neurology Clinic has considerable experience helping people who become sick or suffer injuries because of their jobs. Your doctor thoroughly evaluates your condition and reports their findings to the DWC. Staff members help with any medical forms and know how to ensure your workers’ comp claim fulfills the criteria.

Mind Neurology Clinic also works with insurance providers to arrange diagnostic testing or procedures you might require and can represent patients’ workers’ comp claims in court.

You should follow your doctor’s advice and commit yourself to rehabilitation so you can return to work as soon as possible.

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