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Clinical trials are a key part of the essential research doctors, and scientists carry out when developing new treatments and medications. At Mind Neurology Clinic in Katy and Sugar Land, Texas, board-certified neurologist Jontel Pierce, MD, and her colleagues offer patients the opportunity to participate in these trials. The aim is to find better ways to improve patients’ lives and, ultimately, find cures for disorders where none currently exist. Call Mind Neurology Clinic today to learn more about clinical trials or book a consultation online.

Clinical Trials Q & A

What are clinical trials?

New drugs and appliances must receive FDA approval before health care professionals can prescribe them to patients. This approval requires extensive research followed by comprehensive lab testing. The drug or appliance moves into the clinical trial stage when it’s passed specific safety standards.

Clinical trials involve recruiting suitable test candidates to try the new treatment. Pharmaceutical companies developing new therapies sponsor clinical trials in which Mind Neurology Clinic participates.

They invite patients who could benefit from a particular new treatment to join the trial. The choice to participate is entirely yours; there’s no obligation. You can also change your mind and leave the trial at any time. 

Why would I want to take part in a clinical trial?

For many patients, the primary reason for joining a clinical trial is that the new drug or device could produce better results than their current treatment. Other things worth considering are benefits such as:

  • Time and travel compensation
  • No health insurance required
  • Consistent, specialized care
  • Regular assessments

Many people also find it rewarding to know they’re helping advance science and improve treatments for others with the same disease.

Before joining a clinical trial at Mind Neurology Clinic, your doctor ensures you understand the process and are happy with the plans. 

What does a clinical trial involve?

There are several kinds of clinical trials. The double-blind, randomized controlled trial (RCT) is the gold standard. The research team selects suitable candidates, ensuring they avoid biases such as mainly having men or people of one race (unless the trial is specifically aimed at a specific group of people).

One-third of the participants receive the active drug, and another third a placebo — pills that look like real medicine but contain no active ingredients. The third group receives neither; they act as a control to see if the effects are due to the medicine or would have happened anyway.

Blinding means not knowing if you’re getting the drug or the placebo. Patients never know, and in a double-blind clinical trial, the researchers don’t know either. This ensures the results are as objective as possible.

You take the medication provided as instructed and record any changes, including improvements or side effects. You also have regular follow-ups with the research team.

To learn more about clinical trials and which ones are currently recruiting, call Mind Neurology Clinic or book a consultation online today.